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Stinky Rocks

Author: Penny Norman, Ph.D.
Editor: Ann Einstein

For Ages 8+ - This product comes with
a 16 page mini booklet, a lump of coal,
a candle and instructions to safely burn
a small chip of coal.

Decide for yourself what to do next
with the rest of your coal..... Item #8052

               Lumps of Coal for Congress

    Mail or email a lump of coal to Congress

If you can locate a lump of bituminous coal, here are the instructions for doing the experiment. Unfortunately you cannot smell the coal
in the Rocks That Burn video.

If you have questions or need help finding coal contact us at

If it is not possible for you to send in a real rock of coal,
you can email an animation of a stinky lump of coal
with your own message.

The goal of this "Lumps of Coal" campaign is to send a strong,
clear message demanding that Congress act in our best interest.


Author’s Comment: If we take responsible action, we, the people,
have a lot to gain.

We will modernize our power grid; we will reduce our cost of energy
by cutting wastefulness; we will grow jobs and we will move forward
to a cleaner, healthier future for ourselves and our children.

We will become proud and responsible stewards of our environment
and informed guardians of our climate for all species on this planet.

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