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The Solutions (coal continued)

Carbon Tax - No Free Lunch

We have been on a long, slow drift downward,
a "no new taxes" kick.

We have relied upon and coasted along using the infrastructures paid for by our parents and grandparents. Now it is our turn to step up to the plate and build a new, fossil fuel free energy infrastructure. We can and will shoulder our own responsibility for this change or we will surely end up a bankrupt debtor nation with a collapsed ecosystem. The "greatest" generation shouldered the debt for World War II, in part, by buying war bonds. We must shoulder the debt for the Great Energy Transition with a sensible and understood to be escalating carbon tax.

We need to send a message to congress that we are grown up
and understand that there is no free lunch.

Jim Hansen (video) and other key climate scientist have made it clear that we do not have until a distant 2050 to accomplish this task as Congress now suggests. The climate changes are happening so much faster than scientists have predicted for any of us to believe that there is much time left to reverse course.

We need to be well along on the phase out in the use of coal fired power plants within the decade. We have at the most one more decade to shut down all remaining coal fired power plants around the world, including all third world countries and emerging markets. Any nation who does not comply must face stiff carbon taxes on trade goods and severe economic sanctions.

To convince Congress that we no longer want to play Russian roulette with the habitability of the climate, we need to present a united, organized and coordinated front.

Our campaign to get congressional attention is to send a note to congress either by mail or email along with a lump of coal, either real or symbolic. The message should be: CARBON TAX NOW to achieve a world wide reduction in coal fired power plant emissions by 2030 not 2050!

A real or symbolic lump of coal.
THE GOAL: Bury each and every congressman
in a ton of coal and/or a ton of letters
with this simple message.

Eliminate carbon emissions from
coal fired power plants by 2030 not 2050!

We are combinng our efforts with

We are on the same mission.
Let's not go down without a fight.
Read more about The Lumps of Coal Campaign to coordinate our efforts.


There is much to think about and explore regarding the details of the transition from fossil fuels. The transition will be interesting. Here are some of our thoughts and others' speculations as to how The Great Energy Transition might play out.

One last note, I was around for the "cowboy days" of personal computers, before monopolies like Microsoft existed. It was an exciting time. I was working at NASA at the time. We could see desktop, microprocessor based computer coming for what seemed like a long time before it actually took off. Then there was break-out and it happened.

Join the race to save the planet!

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