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Links to Lumps of Coal Campaigns
Videos showing citizens using lumps of coal, signage and speaches to protest coal fired power plants.

  * Links to Videos
 1. Austin Citizens send bags of coal to to Govenor Perry.
 2. Oil and coal are painted green at the World Bank Fall Meetings
 3. Bad marketing ploy to the oxymoron of "clean coal."
 4. Clean coal? - reality check.
 5. Coal is not the ANSWER.
 6. Coal is actually peaking much sooner than the coal Industry wants us to believe.
 7. Coventry protests over coal fired power plant.
 8. Clean coal technology -- cleaning up the burning process in expensive followed by an even more expensive and dubious carbon capture and storage.
 9. Mountian top removal protest.
 10. Mountain top removal protests.

  * Mountain Top Removal and Dirty Coal
 1. Where do mountains go?
 2.Coal mining is a dirty business. It is dirty when it is mined. About 67% of U.S. coal is now extracted above ground in strip mines.
 3.Beautiful scenic mountains (1458 mountain tops to date) in over 24 states, have been destroyed.
 4. It is dirty when it is burned. The fumes from coal power plants in a timelapse video.
 5. Local leaders trying to limit stackgas emission from coal fired power plants to prevent asthma attacks.
 6. Many of the power plants that do remove pollutants from the smoke stacks add this waste to these same stagnating ash ponds! Toxins from these plants are associated with severe health problems in local population.
 7.Watch how even low levels of mercury damages neurons.
 8.The coal industry, in fact, has conspired to hoodwink the public and the Congress with the advertising slogan "Clean Coal", a process that has never been demonstrated to exist on a commercial scale or to be economically viable.
 9. Legislative "grandfathering" policy essentially allows for a minimum 20 year waiting period for the "clean coal" tooth-fairy to appear. Allowing the CO2 pollution to continue unchecked, protecting these pre-existing powere plants from the clean air act and condemning the planet to catastrophic climate change.
 10. Petroleum is also clearly an issue but production has reached its peak. Soon production will begin dropping world wide by an estimated 4 to 5% per year.
 11. Tar sands, a viscous form of petroleum called bitumen, are found in extremely large quantities in Canada and Venezuela. They are a potent source of green house gases. Scientiest believe that the tar sands of Canada constitute a deadly threat to our planet. The US and Canada must agree not to develop them.

* The Solutions

  1. Cap and trade
  2. The natural gas reserves (video) in North America (Canada) are limited.
  3. Discussion of the "smart grid".
  4. Dr. Amory Lovins a renowned expert in energy solutions gives jargoned but insightful analysis of solutions.
  5. Dr. James Hansen explains the urgency of crisis and the consequences if we do not act immediately. Plain english.
  6. Discussions at Google over smart grid gadgets. Some may make it.
  7. Efficiency upgrades to the home
  8. A passive house video
  9. Energy efficient commercial buildings that result highly cost effective, architecturally varied, healthy and beautiful work environments
  11. Scientistss and citizens protest emissions from coal fired power plants
  12. Dr. James Hansen speaks out against "Cap and Trade".
* Lumps of Coal Campaign
  Former Vice President Al Gore "Get Crazy" interview on Saturday Night Live
  The fight for a coal free america: THE MESSAGE:

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