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Let's follow Al Gores advise (on 30 Rock) and join together to send a message to Congress.

HOW TO SEND: Decide how you will communicate: mail, email, fax, phone or visit.
                That will determine what you can send in or how much you can say.

WHAT TO SEND: Prepare your message. Here is a short one in red, a longer message and cartoons.

No Cap and Trade! CARBON TAX!
SHUT DOWN all coal fired power plants by 2030!

WHERE TO SEND: Then locate your TWO Senators' and ONE Representative's
                                      contact information and deliver your messages.

RECORD: Email us directly at, so we can keep track on the website.
                     Let us know how and to whom you have sent your messages.

  1. MAIL: Mail your message in with a lump of coal. Make sure that the FIRST 7 to 10 words clearly convey your key ideas, as the congressional assistant may not read past that. The TITLE may be all they read. A picture or cartoon might help to convey your message. We have provided some or you can create your own.

    If you include a lump of coal, it is probably best to address it to each of your senator's and representative's local offices, as it might get delayed or blocked at the Washington office.

  2. EMAIL: Use the subject line "Lumps of Coal Campaign" (as you cannot send pictures), with your message to your federal representatives. We have provided the links above. Most senators and congressman allow only their constituents to contact them by email. They often screen others out.

  3. FAX: You can still fax in your written messages, print-outs or cartoons to any legislator. It might be useful to contact the senate committee members who wrote the bill now being considered by the full senate: John Kerry (202-224-8525) and Joe Lieberman (202-224-9750). If these senators are not in your state, the only way you can reach them is by FAX, phone or by mail.

  4. WALK IT IN: Your Congress people usually have local offices very near you. Go there in person. You can try to schedule a visit with your congress persons or at least meet with their staff. Make this a field trip for your class or friends and hand in your lumps of coal politely. Give them your written messages, print-outs or cartoons. Let them know what you are doing and why. Inform yourself ahead of time on where your legislators stands on this issue. If you can make a video of your visit, you could put it on YouTube. If you let us know, we can try to link to it.

  5. PHONE: You can call their local offices directly. Be sure to be polite and specific.

Longer Message to Send

Cap and trade has failed to control carbon emission in both the EU and Japan where it has already been tried. These failures are well documented. We urge you not repeat these failures here. A carbon tax would curtail fossil fuel based carbon emissions and prevent dangerous levels of climate change.

Do NOT block or cripple the use of the Clean Air Acts or provide any other carbon-emission exclusions for pre-existing coal fired power plants. Do not strip away and override state regulations.

Solving greenhouse gas emissions, as soon as possible, is imperative. For the sake of all our futures, we must act to avoid the growing possibility of a runaway greenhouse effect.

Focus on achieving the goal of ending carbon emissions from all coal fired power plants by 2030. Do not postpone or delay until 2050. To wait so long to act carries with it an extremely serious risk factor, a risk we cannot afford to take.

We are at the end of the fossil fuel era and we, as a people, accept that we must shoulder the financial responsibility for paying for the transition to a new energy economy with a carbon tax. There is no free lunch.

The pressure from special interests must be staggering. Cover your ears and hear, instead, the still, small voices of the children of this nation and the world who stand to inherit an irrevocable calamity if you fail to act now.



Below is a proverbial lump of coal to send with your message to Congress. Included are additional images you can mail, fax or walk into your Congressman's office. We believe that most members of Congress do not allow images to be sent to them via emails.

Black & White Versions

For faxes
black & white printers.

If you have your own cartoons to share with others, email them to contact at lumpsofcoal dot org and we will add appropriate images on this site. In sending these materials you acknowledge that you are specifically making these images available and free for others to use in this email campaign to congress in terms of copyrights. Please imbed your bi-line within the image, if you wish acknowledgement for your work as others send in your images.



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Send a
to Congress!

Visit your local lawmakers' offices.
They are close-by and
would love to hear from you.

If you cannot go in person,
mail, email, fax or phone.
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